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BYOD Program

over 3 years ago

By School ADM

Liberty ISD implemented a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) program in 2014-15.  This program allows students and staff the opportunity to use their own device for instructional learning.   

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

What is BYOD?Bring Your Own Device is a program which allows students to use their own technology at specified times during the day to enhance the learning experience. Students must register their devices with the District Technology Department using the "Student Request to Use Personal Devices on District Network" form and abide by the CIPA Regulations and Acceptable Use and Internet Safety policy adopted by the district.  Please use the Forms and FAQ's below for questions and answers you may have about the program.   

Math Instructional Strategies

over 3 years ago

By School ADM

Math Journals

Journal writing can be a valuable technique to further develop and enhance your mathematical thinking and communication skills in mathematics. Journal entries in mathematics provide opportunities for individuals to self-assess what they've learned. When one makes an entry into a math journal, it becomes a record of the experience received from the specific math exercise or problem solving activity. The individual has to think about what he/she did in order to communicate it in writing; in so doing, one gains some valuable insight and feedback about the mathematical problem solving process. The math no longer becomes a task where by the individual simply follows the steps or rules of thumb. When a math journal entry is required as a follow up to the specific learning goal, one actually has to think about what was done and what was required to solve the specific math activity or problem.  Math instructors will find that math journaling can be an effective classroom assessment tool.  When reading through the journal entries, a decision can be made to determine if further review is required as well as determine the level of understanding based on the reflection made.

Math Journal Prompts:

-I knew I was right when......

-If I missed____________ 

-I would have to__________________.

-The thing you have to remember with this kind of problem is........

-Tips I would give a friend to solve this problem are.........

-I wish I knew more about......

-How many times did you try to solve the problem?

- How did you finally solve it?

-Could you have found the answer by doing something different? What?

-What method did you use to solve this problem and why?Was this hard or easy? Why?

-Where else could you use this type of problem solving?

-What would happen if you missed a step? Why?

-What other strategies could you use to solve this problem?

-Write 4 steps for somebody else that will be solving this problem.